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My name is Veronica and I was a freshman in high school when first diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma on February 7, 2018. Hodgkin's Lymphoma is a cancer that affects the immune system which protects the body from infections.  This type of cancer is deadly and can spread, as in my case.  After 5 months in remission, the cancer came back, we found out November 9, 2018.  This was the reason for my first Stem Cell Transplant on June 12, 2019.  Then after 16 months, I relapsed. 

My second Stem Cell Transplant was April 12, 2021.

Thanks to an extraordinary female donor, she's given me the chance

I need to finally conquer this disease!


                                           Our Purpose & Mission


Run With Veronica received its own 501(c)(3) designation. The team includes a Board of Directors and Advisory Council Members who are volunteers focusing on helping Veronica realize her goal of providing as much money as she can to pediatric cancer research, while at times providing financial assistance to families who have been affected by this life threatening disease.  The Run With Veronica Public Charity raises income through fundraising and donations. All donations will be made to other charitable organizations with a preference given to those that specialize in pediatric cancer research and other nonprofit charitable organizations that support and assist families, promote education, health, and awareness in the area of pediatric cancer. 

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